This investment project involves construction of an industrial complex for cathode copper production with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes per annum. The most prospective location for construction of a leaching plant for cathode copper production is East Kazakhstan Oblast, rich in non-ferrous metals. The plant will be located in Urdzhar district, 40 km away from Ayagoz and in relative proximity to Ai Karaaul copper ore area. Almaty-Semey-Ust-Kamenogorsk highway is 15 km east of the site.

    1. Ayagoz station
    2. Koshkental station
    3. Zhylandy station

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    01-....-18 от ..... РП Строительство внешних автодорог Гидрометаллургического (2)

    06-0169-18 26.12.2018

    Закл.РП Стро-во подъездного ждпути (2)

    Passed state expertise and received positive conclusions on the following projects:1. No. 06-0169 / 18 dated 12.26.2018 for the Republic of Kazakhstan "Electricity supply to the Hydrometallurgical Plant for the Production of Cathode Copper in the Urzharsky District of the East Kazakhstan Region (20 km. Southwest of the village of Shyngozh)" for electricity.2. No. 01-0130 / 19 of 04.17.2019 for the working draft "Construction of an access railway deadlock of Ak Minerals LLP at junction number 22, Ayagoz district, East Kazakhstan region"3. No. 01-0403 / 18 of 10/11/2018 for the working draft "Construction of external roads of the Hydrometallurgical Plant for the production of cathode copper, located in the East Kazakhstan region, Urzharsky district, 20 km southwest of the village of Shyngozh"