About company

    The company “Ay Karaaul” JSC is a rapidly developing public Kazakhstan mining company, which was registered at KASE in 2014. The main activity of the Company is to conduct operations in the field of subsoil use, namely, exploration and mining of copper. The name of the Company consists of the names of the structural zones of Aysk and Karaaul, within which the deposits were discovered.  

    Summary of the Subsoil Use Contract

    • A contract for the exploration of copper at the Aysko-Karaaul copper ore region in the East Kazakhstan Oblast was concluded on April 22, 2008.
    • The area of ​​the contract area is 225.25 km2.
    • Exploration work on the square began in 1962.
    • According to the results of geological exploration, the Ay deposit was explored, and numerous ore occurrences of oxidized and sulphide copper ores, as well as native copper, were established. Ore mineralization is mainly represented by malachite, chalcocite, covellin and native copper.
    • The main ore occurrences on the area are concentrated in 2 structural zones - Ayisk and Karaaul.


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