Ay Karaaul

    The area of work is located within the limits of the Beriktas syncline, known for its numerous small deposits and prospective copper ore manifestations. The spatial grouping of the manifestations of copper, the possibility of their open mining and the proximity of the iron road are favorable factors for setting up exploration at individual ore occurrences and deposits in order to assess their industrial significance.



    According to the administrative division, the Aysko-Karaaul ore field belongs to the Ayagoz district of the East Kazakhstan region and is located 40 km from the town of Ayagoz.

    Projected resources


    Sulfide ores (cat. P2-P1) - 0.9-2.5 million tons of copper, cf. content of 0.5-0.7% Cu

    Native copper (cat. Р2) - 0.1-0.8 million tons of copper, average content> 1.0% Cu

    According to the analysis of the US Geological Survey (USGS, 2014), Aysko-Karaaul area